Dr. David Cohen

image002Dr. David Cohen has over 28 years of experience in software development and systems engineering.

He is currently co-founder and President of sente, Inc.  In Go, the oriental game of strategy and tactics, “sente” means competitive initiative: the player with sente makes the moves that control the game.

For clients such as AT&T, BellSouth, Cable and Wireless, Fujitsu and NEC Dr. Cohen implemented several global programs to improve business and software development processes in areas such as intelligent network, data, wireless, local number portability and long distance services. The business development model supported the successful deployment of several startups in education, healthcare, advertising and telecommunications. Supported the creation of a system integration business that currently produces over $500M in revenue; trained a new 50-person project management team to speed up the deployment of new services that produce today over a billion dollars of revenue.

On the Iridium program, Dr. Cohen led a team of sente specialists in the definition of key elements of the System and the Space and Ground Segments. The activities included systems engineering and development tasks such as: System and Segment architecture; concepts of operations, models and algorithms for software and routing table uploads between the CF and the constellation, a model for managing software reliability of the program that was applied by all subcontractors, simulators for GW integration; Backup and Recovery strategies between control centers, functional requirements, user and system interface prototype; system and segment level threads.

At Teknekron Infoswitch Corporation, he created a new systems integration division responsible for the development of several inbound/outbound call management applications. Some of the applications were deployed in PBX and/or central office adjunct configurations. Dr. Cohen was responsible in establishing the business relationship with AT&T Network Systems for the development and marketing of the #5ESS Switch ACD/MIS application.  He developed a training program for Bellcore staff (today SAIC) on network architecture and technology, that was later deployed in several RBOCs. In 1988 the division was spun off as an independent corporation (IEX Corporation) that was recently acquired by Tekelec.

At AT&T Bell Laboratories, Dr. Cohen was responsible for AT&T Technologies data product line planning and was the project manager for the #1PSS and LADT products.  For three years, he was responsible for the distributed data base architecture required to support new voice and data services for such as 800, Advanced 800, Software Defined Networks, ACS, ACCUNET Packet Service, and the #2STP based CCIS network.

Dr. Cohen has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Ohio State University and a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology. He is a US citizen. He has authored several publications in the area of database security, distributed database management, database support of new network services, and software development.  He organized several IEEE and ACM sponsored workshops and symposiums. He is a member of ACM, a senior member of the IEEE and the chairman of the OSU CIS Department’s Advisory Board.